Tomas Yaccino – is part of the Red del Camino (Network on the Way), a network movement of local churches and pro church ministries in Latin America and the Caribbean passionate about the church’s creative participation with God in His mission to reconcile and restore all things.  

In addition to his active participation in the Dominican RdC network movement Tom co directs with his wife Dee Del Camino Connection, an organization that exists to serve and support the RdC network as well as promote and facilitate Kingdom Connections among churches North and South, East and West  so that together they might discover God’s mission and discern their collective role as collaborators.   Tom and Dee are parents of 4 Children Aisha (17)  Alina (15) Alize Jireh (11) and Aaron (4)   


Dr Spiwo Xapile – is the minister of the Uniting Presbyterian Church, director of the JL Zwane Centre for Training and Development in Guguletu, board member of the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation, and represents South Africa on the World Mission Council.  Together with Jan du Toit he was awarded the State President’s award for community development in 1998.  


Joe White – is a social entrepreneur with 15 years of experience.  He has established 5 non-profits and 2 social enterprises, all of which exist today.  One of these, World Changers Academy, a leadership and life skills training institution is the largest non-profit that empowers unemployed people with soft skills in South Africa.  Joe was born and raised in rural town in northern California to well-to-do parents.  He lived for 5 years in Zulu community in Valley of 1000 Hills as the only white person.  He has a BA degree with majors in communication science and development studies.  He is married to Simangele Khawula-White and has 2 kids (2 & 6 years old).


David Westlake – is Director of Integral Mission at Tearfund (UK), where he is responsible for helping churches around the world understand and implement integral mission.  He has written three books, Upwardly MobileOutwardly Active, and Lift the Label, and was a founder of Soul Survivor Church, Watford, which he now attends.  David is married to Minu and they have a daughter, Ellie.


Dr Stephanie Thomas – is the founder and Director of Zoe-Life.  Zoe-Life is a purpose driven organization with a vision to improve Global Wellness by developing people, strengthening systems and mobilizing resources. Stephanie and her team work largely in the arena of HIV, Child Health and Psychosocial support at organizational and government levels.


Stuart Talbot – is a wrinkly, fatherly, strict man with hairy ears who drives well, sneezes loudly, never ties his shoe laces and never wears a tie.  This tree hugger thinks out the box and is a scavenger (according to one daughter).  According to his other daughter, Stuart is trendy, hip, loving: a person who loves urban spaces and beautifying places.  He’s fun, a good cook, who sees the big picture, is calm most of the time and is a leader who lives his life to the fullest.  He is realistic and idealistic, whilst at the same time focused on faith development.  He is an antiquer and historian, experienced in many different areas of life.  Stuart is also the chair of the Inner City Ministries forum and Durban general manager of Sohco, a social housing company.


Gary Swart – leads Inspired Individuals, an international initiative that seeks to identify and support entrepreneurial leaders for social transformation. Prior to this he headed up the international development work for Tearfund.  He is South African and currently lives in Durban. Gary has lived and worked in West Africa, Balkans and Central Africa helping the church to respond effectively in conflict and post-conflict settings to be agents of conflict transformation in their communities.


Craig Stewart – leads the Warehouse, an organisation which works with local churches in rich and poor areas in Cape Town, helping them to implement sound and effective practical acts, and encouraging renewed attitudes in their communities.  The Warehouse seeks to change the lives by restoring dignity and building meaningful relationships using five strategic pillars: praying, inspiring, equipping, advocating and innovating.  The aim of the Warehouse is to see the holistic transformation of communities through the church.


Arthur Stewart – helps people explore God’s heart for “what can be” for themselves and the Church. With experience in church planting and leading discipleship communities, Arthur is currently serving The Warehouse through spiritual formation, teaching, mentoring, and strengthening relationships and partnerships with local churches. He is coordinating a small missional community in Cape Town, lectures part-time at The Cornerstone Institute, and is involved with the Amahoro conversation in South Africa. Arthur and Melissa have three children.


Rosetta Stander – is the founder and executive director of Zimele Developing Community Self-Reliance, an initiative founded on a vision of confronting the root causes of poverty and removing the barriers to self-sufficiency for women in South Africa’s rural communities.  Zimele pursues this vision through its mission of empowering women with the skills, resources, and support networks to sustain themselves and their communities. 


Zwelihle Sokhela – is the Family Centre Manager at Ethembeni HIV/AIDS Ministry.  The Family Centre provides a place of safety, deep discipleship and values formation for over 70 vulnerable children each month.  Ethembeni walks with over 35 Carers supporting them through practical services like getting birth certificates, etc.  Zwelihle is a play therapy trainer and netball player with significant proportions!  He also supports the best soccer team in South Africa – amamabukabuka!  


Tich Smith -   and his wife Joan, are the visionaries behind Lungisisa Indlela Children’s Village (LIV), situated on an 83 acre farm outside Verulam.  Tich believes that the church, working together with business and government, can change the face of the nation and leave a legacy of hope for future generations.  A former South African cricketer, Tich is passionate about transforming lives through the love of Jesus in a practical way.


Joan Smith – is the co-founder of LIV and is committed to raising the next generation of leaders in South Africa.  LIV places parentless children into a family environment where they receive unconditional love, spiritual discipleship, care and nurturing.  The plan is to see many villages across South Africa, raising future leaders, and ‘turning scars into stars’ by providing a fresh start in a supportive community.


Veena O’Sullivan – has spent more than a decade working in the field of HIV and AIDS, after starting her career in fashion.  She is from India, but has lived in England for the last decade with her husband Gavan and sons.  The last few years have been spent spearheading Tearfund’s HIV task force.  She and her family are planning to move to Durban to continue their ministry together.


Richard Northmore - is the Southern Africa Director: Open Schools Worldwide (OSWW).  He is acutely aware that it is not about him.  OSWW trains volunteers from Christian schools, churches, organizations etc., so that they may impact age inappropriate, educationally marginalized children, with numeracy, literacy and health skills.  Thus local communities can further impact their hurting children with the love of Jesus.


Rev Athas Mpinga – is a doctorate candidate at the University of South Africa where he studies Missiology. He is an ordained Presbyterian minister from the Democratic Republic of Congo.  He lectured at the University Centre of Missiology in Kinshasa.  He is a lecturer at Mission – Exposure – Training.  He is founder of Family Mission Restoration Church.  He has a passion to help people, for mission, mission training, church leadership training, church planting, missiology lecture.  


Paul Musolo - is a lecturer in missiology and practical theology.  He is studying the Pygmy peoples of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, who because of their unique culture and lifestyle as forest dwellers and hunter-gatherers are often neglected and forgotten for mission purposes.


Dee Moskoff – is a network practitioner, founder of Connect Network, a collaboration of around 100 Christian non- profit organisations working with women and children at risk in the greater Cape Town area, in partnership with Viva:  In 1996 she established the Choices Crisis pregnancy counselling centre, a schools pregnancy prevention programme, a home for pregnant women, a skills centre and a national network for Crisis pregnancy centres in 1999.  Dee was runner up in the Cape Times Woman of Worth Awards in 2007.  She is currently studying for an honours degree in Social Development at University of Western Cape. She is married to Ivan with 4 children aged between 16-21.


Ann Moodley-Naidoo - is married to Sastri Naidoo and has 3 grown children, all of whom are studying.  Ann studied Theology at His Peoples College before entering ministry at the Full Gospel Church, Phoenix.  She has been an associate pastor in Counselling and deliverance, minister in social development at Phoenix Assemblies of God, and a Director of Telefriend, a telephonic prayer support service.  Ann studied Biblical Psychology at Ellel Counselling Centre in London and trained as Life and Organisational Coach in Dallas Texas.  She is registered in Life Coaching and Mentoring in Workplace Practitioner in South Africa and works with individuals in ministry, corporates and NPO’s, like Lungisisa Indlela Village (LIV).  She serves at LIV Village Church and Amaoti Community Church.


Dr Federick Marais  – is an ordained Dutch Reformed Church minister and fulltime Congregational Facilitator at Communitas Center for congregational development at the Theological Faculty at Stellenbosch University.  He specializes in the facilitation and design of processes of transformation in congregational and community organizations and the training of missional leadership.  He has written a number of books and articles on congregations and family life.  He is project leader of the Southern Africa Partnership for Missional Churches(SAPMC).


Joy Klimbashe – is part of the Warehouse, an organisation which works with local churches in rich & poor areas by helping them implement sound and effective practical acts, and encouraging renewed attitudes in their communities.  Many of the communities they serve face some of South Africa’s most painful wounds – orphaned children, gangsterism and at-risk youth, unemployment, unequal distribution of resources, poor access to education and underdeveloped skills. 


Karien Hunter – is the founder and managing director of AMC Hunter Inc, a law practice comprising of attorneys, conveyancers and notaries public.  In 2007 Karien was the co-winner of the Business Woman of the Year in KwaZulu Natal, and in 2008 she was one of three finalists for the WIPN (Women in Property Awards) in South Africa.  Karien has a keen interest in poverty relief and community development and assists and advises community organisations and NGO’s in her professional capacity.  


Claire Henry – is the volunteer co-ordinator at Ethembeni HIV/AIDS Ministry.  She was originally sent by her church in the UK, Middlewich Community Church, to minister with Ethembeni in 2009.  Clare co-ordinates over 200 volunteers doing short and long-term mission!  Her passion and love for Jesus integrates all the volunteer activities especially the “Holiday Clubs” that are a significant part of her legacy.  She is an “apple computer” fan!


Deborah Hancox – works with Christian NGOs, networks and local churches as a facilitator, trainer and consultant.  Her focus areas include organizational assessment and development, strategy development, project design, facilitating collaboration.  She is a member of Common Ground Church in Cape Town, where she is involved in helping to mainstream the response to poverty and injustice.


Emily Griffiths - is the director of Ridgecity, a community initiative in Marianridge.  The aim of RidgeCity is to see the community of Mariannridge become a more positive, productive and self-sufficient place to live. RidgeCity is about breaking the cycle of childhood neglect, abuse, violence, substance abuse, poverty, hopelessness and crime at grassroots level.  Emily is a longstanding member of the community and has served on a variety of committees and boards in the community.  She has lived in Mariannridge for 25 years and is happily married with three daughters.  Emily’s passion is community transformation.


Philemon Beghela Gibungula – has recently graduated as a Doctor in Missiology at UNISA.  He is a founder of an Institution of Missiology and Peace in East of Democratic Republic of Congo, CUP and is still working on how to make his Agriculture and Farming Project: “Bread for Peace” an Integral Mission for evangelism (10/40) in Africa.  He has a passion for missiological education. 


Londeka Gasa – is the assistant volunteer co-ordinator for Ethembeni HIV/AIDS Ministry.  She lives in  Mpophomeni, a bustling yet broken community of over 30 000 people where the HIV prevalence rate is over 50%.  Londeka’s passion for music & meeting new people, enables her to minister God’s transforming love to over 35 volunteers each week.  She lives out the call of Micah 6:8!  Londeka has one son.


Marlene Freislich - is the CEO of the People Upliftment Programme (POPUP), an accredited skills trainer provider.  POPUP’s mission statement is to contribute meaningfully to the transformation of communities by empowering the disempowered.  POPUP currently operates at Salvokop, Pretoria, but has plans to open another campus at Mmakau (Garankuwa) in the North West Province in July this year and one more campus in September at Soshanguve, in Gauteng.


Renske Fitzjohn-Aerts - has over 10 years experience of working with Christian ministries and non-profit organisations in Holland, the UK and South Africa.  Renske has a Masters in Leadership Development from Fuller and is a DISC personality profile trainer.  She currently facilitates training in Leadership & Management, Project Management and Office Skills.  Renske is married to Steve, and they have an 8 month old daughter, Elizabeth.


Sharné Finn – is the worship pastor / co-ordinator at Fountain Vineyard Christian Fellowship based in Port Elizabeth.  Sharné leads worship for the Vineyard in South Africa and spends time training and equipping other worship leaders.  She is also passionate about dance and is a Hip Hop instructor in Port Elizabeth for the dance company, DancEnigma.


Diane Fick – is part of Soul Action, where she is involved in training and supporting isiZulu / English speaking tutors working with educators in local schools to deliver a phonics based literacy program.  Although Diane is South African, she has spent the last 9 years teaching in West London, England.  She has returned to South Africa recently, hoping to use her teaching skills to fulfil her two passions: providing opportunities for children to learn to read and write, and empowering women through education and training. 


Grant Edkins – is the Director of Ethembeni, a place of hope.  Ethembeni provides spiritual, emotional and practical assistance to families affected by HIV and AIDS in the Mpophomeni area through the provision of home based care, family support with a focus on vulnerable children and residential care for terminally ill people.  Each week, over 120 families receive hope from over 40 carers and 20 volunteers who demonstrate God’s love.  Grant is married to Shelly and has two “bafana bafana”..


Rachel Bowyer – is the co-founder of Soul Action (RSA), a network of Christians that interact, share ideas, resources and all sorts of needs.  Rachel is an experienced teacher, qualified to teach adults and children with Specific Learning Difficulties.  Rachel has developed an award winning literacy programme which trains local people how to support teachers and teach children to read and write in English.


Phil Bowyer -   is one of the Directors at Soul Action (RSA), where he facilitates opportunities for people who are passionate about integral mission to address poverty by networking, training and working together.  An AoG minister, Phil is part of a group of people who follow God, in the way of Jesus, by listening to the Holy Spirit.  Phil is the author of Express Community, A Different World and The Whole Wide World.  He has recently started to learn and ‘enjoy’ Latin-American dancing.


Fiona Boshoff – is British and loves being married to a South African and living in Cape Town!  She works for Integral Alliance which is a global alliance of 16 Christian relief and development agencies, with their headquarters in 13 countries who work in over 100 of the world’s poorest countries.  Integral’s main aim is to work collaboratively in emergency situations and in Disaster Management.


Sylvi Bodomer – is part of SA Cares for Life, a Christian, faith based, national NGO that is passionate about creating opportunities for change and giving hope to orphans, other vulnerable small children, women in pregnancy related crises and families in need.  SA Cares for Life offers holistic services with unconditional love and compassion, empowering our clients to have a better future and ultimately to be independent.


Pat Blair - is a YWAM volunteer working with Orphan Aid in the Valley of 1000 Hills doing mercy ministry and discipling of Zulu youth.  She also co-manages the Springside House in Hillcrest, a refuge for the destitute & base for youth programs.  Pat lives with her two “sons”, Msizi & Mfundo.


Sarah Binos – is on the eldership team of Common Ground Church in Cape Town.  She leads Common Good, a Section 21 company and ministry of Common Ground Church, which exists to strengthen the individual Christian and local church response to poverty and injustice in Cape Town.  Prior to leading Common Good, Sarah worked for a nationwide NGO in the field of youth HIV prevention and was actively involved in pioneering the rollout of VCT.  


Paul Anderson – is from the CINDI Network (Children in Distress).  CINDI’s mission is to sustain a dynamic, well resourced network in KwaZulu Natal to enhance services and respond to children in distress. CINDI was founded in July 1996, & consists of over 150 NGOs, CBOs, government agencies and individuals  – who collaborate in the interests of children affected by HIV and AIDS in KZN.


Benjamin Aldous – is the Pastoral Assistant at St Martins’, Durban North.  Formerly a cross cultural church planter in rural Cambodia he, his wife and 2 children love rice, Jazz & hanging out together.

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Phil Bowyer is one of the founders of Integral Mission and Soul Action South Africa. He creates space for people who are exploring how to respond to various forms of poverty to connect with one another and God's mission. He is the author of several books on Integral Mission, incl. A Different World, Express Community and The Whole Wide World.