Church and Community Mobilisation Process

UFCUmoja, which means “togetherness” in the Swahili language of East Africa, is an exciting and transformational church and community initiative. It helps church leaders and their congregations work together with the local community to bring about positive change for the whole community.Umoja helps local churches and communities build on the resources and skills they already have. It is a process that inspires and equips local people with a vision for determining their own future with their own resources.

Umoja is based on over twenty years of experience of working with churches and communities throughout Africa and Asia.  Click here for to access case studies. from Tearfund’s work with Umoja.

Umoja consists of two main guides: the Umoja Facilitator’s Guide and the Umoja Co-ordinator’s Guide.

  • The Umoja Facilitator’s Guide contains Bible studies, activities, energisers, tools, advice and a step-by-step process to help a church and community become inspired and start working for transformation in their community.  Download the Facilitator’s Guide (3290KB) below. 

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  • The Umoja Co-ordinator’s Guide provides everything that an organisation or church needs to know to start and manage an Umoja programme across a number of local communities.  Download the Co-ordinator’s Guide (1144KB) below. 

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