Advocacy Stream

Stream: Advocacy

Theme:  Children’s Rights and Participation

There is an amazing common language of ‘children’s rights’ being shared across the world and an aspect of this involves ‘Including Children’ in the concerns of their lives.   This is probably the most radical of children’s rights and this workshop considers how it can become a lifestyle and habit of life with children.  When meaningful inclusion of children is practiced, relationships heal, community is formed and children grow up well and responsible.

Workshop Leader:  Janet Prest-Talbot (Children’s Rights Centre)

Time: 10.30 – 11.20



Stream: Advocacy

Theme:  Managing Groups of Children

A possible ‘challenge’ for any children’s worker!  How long is ‘too long’ to sit still?  What are the options of disciplining?  How does one ‘reach the heart’ of the ‘difficult’ child?  This workshop aims to help us put the fun back into Managing Groups of Children.

Workshop Leader: Heidi Witt and Lerato Macabhe (Inkanyezi crèche)

Time: 11.30 -12.20



Stream: Advocacy

Theme:  Keeping Children Safe

With child abuse on the rise in South Africa, it is incredibly important for any person interacting with children to understand child abuse and the legal responsibilities. This workshop aims to provide information on how to identify all child abuse, practical tools to deal with a disclosure and guidance on how to report abuse.

Workshop Leader: Marc Hardwick (The Guardian)

Time: 13.30 – 14.20

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