Just Life 2014 Audio Visuals

DAY ONE, 14th MARCH 2014

SESSION 1: JUST LIFE – Tom BassonIMG_7081ed

Introduction and overview of the conference; Just life; Everyday lifestyle choices, Practical solutions; Making small differences; Affluence to generosity?; Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger; Tom’s journey; No one has arrived; How do we join God’s mission in our contexts; How have we compartmentalised / segregated the gospel / Christianity; Mistakes we’ve made / will make, e.g. USPG.

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The woman at the well, John 4 – Inclusion and difference; Highlights issues such as Gender, Race, Religion; Discovering truth for oneself, Bringing life to individuals and communities; Empowerment; Safety – who should we be spending our time with / inviting / including; Positioning ourselves for God to use us; Surprised by Jesus – who He is and / or what He does; Observations vs. judgement or condemnation; Respect; Value; Relationships.

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IMG_7294edSESSION 3: NARROWING THE GAP - The Branken’s and Skip Collins

Living closer to the people; What does it mean to follow Jesus in our everyday contexts; How are we being incarnational?; A prophetic voice calling Christians out of complacency; Narrowing the gap between ourselves and others; Simplicity; Bursting our bubbles; We are sometimes uncritical / unaware of our satisfaction, a new monasticism, An opposite Spirit; Challenging our comfort zones, How to hold things lightly.

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DAY TWO, 15th MARCH 2014



Contentment; Enough; Exploring a quality of life verses a standard of living;  Live generously; Manage responsibly; Raising the bottom; Parable of the Talents;  Put God first; Poverty takes many forms and anyone can be trapped by it – whether they have wealth / not;  How do we respond to what the Bible say fullness vs. enough?

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SESSION 6: THOUGHTS ON A FULLER LIFE – Musa Njoko and Skip Collins


Musa’s story; The Wardrobe; Exclusion; Struggling to find acceptance / identity in Christianity; How do / can we live a full life in the church?; Call for cross economical / cultural / racial relationships; The hope of reconciliation; Why do some ‘sins’ seem to exclude people rather than include them; Why focus on sin at all?; Why do we struggle to love our own brothers and sisters, if NT says love our enemies.

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IMG_7333ed‘The invisible Gorilla’; Bias and blind spots; The woman at the well, The blind man and the tree, The rich man and the law; It takes time / another to identify and rectify them; Need to continue come back to God to have our focus refocused.

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Phil Bowyer is one of the founders of Integral Mission and Soul Action South Africa. He creates space for people who are exploring how to respond to various forms of poverty to connect with one another and God's mission. He is the author of several books on Integral Mission, incl. A Different World, Express Community and The Whole Wide World.