Speakers and Facilitators

DMDerek Morphew - is the founding pastor of the Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Kenilworth, Cape Town, South Africa. He has been a pastor since 1973 and has often been involved in church planting. Derek serves on the national leadership team of the Association of Vineyard Churches in South Africa and was the international director of Vineyard Bible Institute. He has written numerous published works on theology and ministry, including South Africa; the Powers Behind, Breakthrough; Discovering the Kingdom, and Different but Equal: Going Beyond the Complimentarian/Egalitarian Debate. He developed and directed Vineyard Bible Institute from 1998 to 2009. He now serves as academic dean for Vineyard Institute. Derek is married to Karin, an artist, and has two daughters, Shean and Jeanne.


Quinton Howitt - was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. At the point of becoming a Christian, he turned from his field of expertise, Industrial Psychology, to begin his biblical and theological studies. He then, together with other colleagues, assisted in the pioneering developmental work of establishing the South African Theological Seminary (SATS). Over this period, he also wrote numerous academic courses specifically designed to meet the needs of the contemporary pastor. Following his time at the seminary, he worked extensively on the development and implementation of methodologies for poverty alleviation, particularly within an African context. In 2005, he joined Derek Morphew at the Vineyard Bible Institute (VBI), where they jointly established a bachelors degree in partnership with Saint Stephen’s University in New Brunswick, Canada.

In 2010, Quinton was appointed the Academic Dean at VBI and continued in that role until 2012. He is now assisting with the development of VI. Quinton lives in Johannesburg with his wife, Trish, and his two daughters, Hayley and Robyn. They attend Following Jesus, a Vineyard Church based in Northriding. His motto for life is: “To teach simply, you must understand profoundly.”

pbPhil Bowyer – and his wife Rachel are co-founders and Directors at Soul Action, a Network of over 150 Christian churches and organisations.  Phil is responsible for leading the team and facilitating opportunities for people who are passionate about integral mission to address various forms of poverty by networking, training and working together. Phil is an Accredited Assemblies of God Minister, holds a Bachelors (Hons) Degree the Theology, and is the author of several books on integral mission including Express Community, Express Community for Schools, A Different World and The Whole Wide World. In his spare time Phil enjoys extreme sports like spinning, squash, table tennis and football (soccer) – League One Port Vale are his team of choice!

SBSue Barnes – was voted Clarins Most Dynamic Woman of the Year in 2013 for here work on Project Dignity.  Project Dignity assists girls who cannot afford to buy sanitary protection and are at a permanent disadvantage due to missing out on their education for a week every month.  Sue realised that donations of sanitary products would not provide a sustainable solution to this profound yet largely hidden social challenge.  She created a pair of panties with a clip-on, reusable pad which ensures the girls need never worry about running out of this essential item. The pad is fully washable, can last for up to 5 years and has SABS absorbency approval. Sue has already been able to distribute 30,000 Subz Panty Pads to girls around the country.


Craig Bouchier - is the CEO of World Changers Academy, an organisation which empowers people for success through values-based life skills training and to raise up emerging leaders to greatly impact their communities, nations, and the world.

bmBarbara McLean - is the Operational Manager at Bright Site, an initiative of Unisa’s Department of Social Work in the College of Human Sciences.  Bright Site aims to provide Durban-based Unisa students with relevant social work learning opportunities.

Barbara is a Christian with a gift that enables her to link with other Christians and non-Christians in faith based and ‘secular’ organisations for the benefit of the city.

Natalie Ogden - is one of the founders of Red Light Anti Human Trafficking, an organisation which creates awareness and links with like minded organisations to rescue and rehabilitate victims of Human trafficking.

XZXolani Zondi - is a professional life coach, group facilitator, trainer and instructor, who is committed to social transformation of people through development.  As a student of electrical engineering working as part-time in trainer he fell in love with people centered service through human and social sciences.  Xolani came to study sociology and became involved with youth work training in personal development, character-building, social development, and family values.  Xolani has walked alongside people from many different walks of life, from street children and people living with HIV/AIDS, to corporate groups in the private sector.  He became a More To Life student in 2004, and through a series of MTL Advanced Courses achieved a Life Coaching Qualification which he has used to great affect in Europe and North America.  Xolani is passionate about generating meaningful connections, healthy relationships, and supporting the realisation of each individual’s potential through the creation of significant goals and results.  Personal growth and transformation are close to his heart.

About admin

Phil Bowyer is one of the founders of Integral Mission and Soul Action South Africa. He creates space for people who are exploring how to respond to various forms of poverty to connect with one another and God's mission. He is the author of several books on Integral Mission, incl. A Different World, Express Community and The Whole Wide World.