Recommended Reading

We’ve asked some of those who lead worship, workshops, and teaching sessions during this years National Consultation to recommend a few books on their chosen specialist subject.  Here’s…

Ben Aldous’ top 3 on Integral Mission and fresh expressions of church
Mission Shaped Church – Church House Publishing
Fresh: An Introduction to Fresh Expressions of Church and Pioneer ministry - Goodhew, Roberts and Volland
A Church for every context – Michael Moynagh

Phil Bowyer’s Top Books on Mission
Invitation to World Missions - Timothy Tennent
Mission Between the Times - Rene Padilla

Transforming Mission - David Bosch

Phil Bowyer’s Top Books on Prayer
Red Moon Rising – Pete Greig
The Dynamic of All Prayer – Granger G Flemming
The 24/7 Prayer Manual, Anywhere Can Learn to Pray Like Never Before – Pete Greig and David Blackwell

Andy Flannagan’s Top Books on Politics as Mission
Virtue Reborn - Tom Wright
Surprised by Hope – Tom Wright
The Permanent Revolution – Alan Hirsch

Andy Flannagan’s Top Books on worship
God360 – Andy Flannagan
Distiinctive Worship - Andy Flannagan
Notes from the Shallow End – Andy Flannagan

Jenny Flannagan’s Top Books on Storytelling and joining God’s mission / story
The Story Factor: Inspiration, Influence and Persuasion Through the Art of Storytelling – Annette Simmons
Slum Life Rising: How to Enflesh Hope within a New Urban World – Ash Barker

Jenny Flannagan’s Top Books on Mission as a lifestyle
Submerge: Living Deep in a Shallow World – John Hayes
The Irresistible Revolution - Shane Claiborne
Make Poverty Personal – Ash Barker
L is for Lifestyle - Ruth Valerio

Dr Wynand de Kock’s Top Books on Vocation & Calling
Discovering God’s will: how to make every decision with peace and confidence – Gerald Sittser
The Call: finding and fulfilling the central purpose of your life - Os Guinness
A Case for Calling – Thomas Addington and Stephen Graves
Community 101 - Gilbert Bilezikian

Top Books on Christian Meditation
Word into Silence - John Main

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Phil Bowyer is one of the founders of Integral Mission and Soul Action South Africa. He creates space for people who are exploring how to respond to various forms of poverty to connect with one another and God's mission. He is the author of several books on Integral Mission, incl. A Different World, Express Community and The Whole Wide World.